2021-2022 School Supply Packs are
available to order online from May 13th-June1st. 

**Please note that a few packets per grade level will be available for purchase at Back to School. Supplies are limited!!


  • Each pack includes everything your student will need for the upcoming school year.
  • Team Lead teacher of each grade assembled a list of materials for each student to supply that is specific to each grade.
  • The PTA works with a vendor to offer convenient, bundled school supplies for purchase.
  • The purchased supplies will be delivered to your student’s homeroom before the First Day of School. 



Pre-Kindergarten $38
Kindergarten $58


2nd $55
3rd $51
4th $52
5th $50



 Please order supplies for the grade your child will be entering in fall 2021.


Detailed school supply lists are available in here and in the school office. 

**Please note that while the supply lists provided by the PISD are very similar to the lists that our Hughston teachers have created, there are some specific items that our teachers have requested that differ from the PISD list.**




 Questions? Please contact Tracey Byrd (schoolsupplies@hughstonpta.org)