2022-2023 School Supply Packs are
available to order online until June 12th. 

**Please note that a few packets per grade level will be available for purchase at Back to School. Supplies are limited!!


  • Each pack includes everything your student will need for the upcoming school year.
  • Team Lead teacher of each grade assembled a list of materials for each student to supply that is specific to each grade.
  • The PTA works with a vendor to offer convenient, bundled school supplies for purchase.
  • The purchased supplies will be delivered to your student’s homeroom before the First Day of School. 



Pre-Kindergarten $36
Kindergarten $58


2nd $62
3rd $50
4th $61
5th $56

  Please order supplies for the grade your child will be entering in fall 2022. 




Detailed Hughston school supply lists are available here and in the school office. 

**Please note that the above list differs from the PISD general list, with specific Hughston-teacher requests. 




 Questions? Please contact Tracey Byrd (schoolsupplies@hughstonpta.org)